Movies I Like

...will try to write more. Until then, only one-liners...

12 monkeys

I like the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of this movie.

50 first dates

A tender movie about "one-sided" love.

Back to the future

This is the best trilogy ever! Both intelligent and funny.

Beach, The

Bored with your ordinary everyday life? Well, living in a paradise can turn to something even worse.

Beautiful mind, A

Everyone has his daemons. You better learn to live with them.

Big fish

A nice story about storytelling itself. Beautiful, sometimes close to unreal, images. Also interesting in father-son relationship dimension.


Whatever you believe in, never betray your faith.

Butterfly effect, The

Nice movie about how changing the past does not necessarily improve the present.

Donnie Darko

This one is tough. You keep thinking and thinking and thinking...

Dude where's my car

This one is pure fun. It does not try to be intelligent, it actually seems to be really stupid. But it's not.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Beautiful movie about breakups. If you could have your memory erased, would you want to?

Fifth element

A great mix of action, sci-fi and fun.

Fight club, The

The ending really got me.


What defines you as a man? Is it your genes?

Good Will Hunting

You're a genius, the others are not. What life would you choose to be happy?

Green mile, The

There's place for humanity even in the death row.

Joyeux Noel

A beautiful movie about humanity. A enemy soldier could be your best friend under different circumstances. Let's forget it's war for a day or two... Based on true story.

Lost in translation

Nice ambient atmosphere. You can be alone even in a really big city.

Shawshank redemption

Even when you're sentenced for decades, you have to keep looking ahead.

Truman show, The

Ever had that feeling the world around is there for you only? What if it really is?

Vita e bella, La

Beautiful and sad movie about how even the worst place on earth in the worst period of history can be filled with pure joy and innocence.

...and others (of course!)