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tinyrcs update ../changesets
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tinyrcs updatecommit tinyrcs updateupdatecommit


...the stupid and simple revision control system.


Create a working dir

mkdir work
cd work
tinyrcs init

Make some work

echo "test" > test.txt

Tell TinyRCS we want to track this file

tinyrcs add test.txt

Fast revise of our work

tinyrcs status

Create important directories

mkdir ../orig
mkdir ../changesets

Tell tinyrcs what directory it should use as a source for diffing

tinyrcs against ../orig

Commit our work (create changeset)

tinyrcs commit ../changesets

Do some more work

echo "more work" >> test.txt

Commit it (with update of diff-dir)

cd ../orig
tinyrcs update ../changesets

cd ../work
tinyrcs update ../changesets
tinyrcs commit

...or a simpler way...

tinyrcs updateupdatecommit