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= uptimed =

== Foreword ==

Uptimed is an uptime daemon (logs your best uptimes). It was created by Robert John Kaper but is now maintained by me because Robert is overwhelmed by work (well, so am I but I try my best).

[[http://www.robertjohnkaper.com/software/uptimed/|Robert's uptimed page]]



== Current status ==

Robert's last version was 0.3.3, everything later is my development. But remember, we're not talking about active devolopment, I only accept minor patches and bugfixes (but don't hesitate to send me something bigger - opening a new branch is not a problem), the main credits should go to Robert John Kaper.

I'm open to patches, suggestions, whatever (see [[Contact]] on how to reach me)...

If you've sent me something and think it takes me too long to answer, go check UndeliverableMail page. I might have problems sending mail to you...


== ToDo ==

This is the list of items I'd like to accomplish but have no time to. Volunteers are welcome...

 * get rid of auto-tools hell (convert to CMake or similar?)
 * clean up the code
 * do some code formatting (automatically by indent?)
 * ...and anything from Rob's TODO file ;-)

== Donation ==

If you use the software and like it, please consider a [[Donation|donation]]...

== Download ==

 * Latest version: 0.3.17 (released 2010-05-21)
 * Archive location: http://podgorny.cz/uptimed/releases/
 * Repository location: http://hg.podgorny.cz/uptimed/ (Mercurial)
uptimed has moved to [[https://github.com/rpodgorny/uptimed/|github]]. see you there! ;-)

uptimed has moved to github. see you there! ;-)